Creative 404 Error Pages


We’ve all seen them around – especially when you’re out to find something that you really need. A 404 page occurs when a page either doesn’t exist (anymore) or something broke. Whether it’s a broken link, a user typed in an incorrect URL, the page is misplaced or even things just break. Maybe you’ve just single handedly broke the interweb.

404 pages can be a great way to increase the user’s experience and get them to where they want to be. There are some websites out there that really put an extra effort in their creative approaches for these pages.

I’ve collected just a few creative 404 pages for your viewing.

Cuban Council

Seriously… whats more embarrassing (from a developer’s stand point), having a 404 page or this?


For being a budget management application, I think this is definitely suiting.


Wow. They are serving lost beer!


Rachel the Great

Snakes in Space

Robin Clediere

Blizzard Entertainment

That’s it for this week of our 404 Showcases, stay tuned for more in the future!