The Girls Mean Business on Tour!

The Girls Mean Business was founded by Claire Mitchell early in 2012 as a way of helping women business owners avoid making some of the mistakes she had made in her time! What began as a vague notion of a peer support page on Facebook, has turned into a thriving community of over 8000 fans from all over the world. We use the Facebook page as our chat room – we share advice, insights, inspirational quotes, links to free webinars recorded by Claire and her guests and we also share questions asked by the women in our community. What we quickly realised was that, no matter what type of business we have, what age we are and where in the world we live, we all have the same challenges and issues from childcare to ‘mind monkeys, lack of marketing know-how to feeling isolated and alone. And The Girls Mean Business has grown into an educational resource, coaching platform, networking forum and more in less than a year. With this in mind, we decided to take it on the road and meet these inspirational women we’ve got to know online. It’s the start of our next adventure.